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UPHOLSTERY - Convertible Top Hardware & Seals - Cabriolet

Part Number Description Price Add
Top Handle, Cabriolet. 2 Req'ed. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. 644-561-991-00 $70.00 Add item to cart
Screw, M5x8. 8 Req'ed. Fits handle for Cabriolet Top. $0.25 Add item to cart
Top to windshield seal, original gray. Fits all Cabriolet. 644-561-931-20 $16.00 Add item to cart
Screw, Flat Head Phillips - Stainless. 10x1. 9 Req'ed. Secure top latch to front wood bow on Cabs. 90294A247 $0.50 Add item to cart
Screw Set. Holds aluminum holding rails. 1 set per car. Fits all Cabriolets. NLA-542-002-00 $5.75 Add item to cart
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Aluminum guide rail set. Holds rubber seal for side windows. 1 set per car. Fits all Cabriolets.

NLA-542-950-00 $36.55 Add item to cart
Seal, Rubber - BLACK. Seals side windows. Fits all Cabriolets. NLA-542-950-00 $36.55 Add item to cart
Header Visor, Front - Metal. 1 Req'ed. Fits all Cabriolets. CFHV $157.50 Add item to cart
Trim Strip, Rear side window. 14" Aluminum strip. Original Factory Part. Fits all Cabriolets. 644-561-877-01 $140.75 Add item to cart
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Fixing plate with 2 bolts. For Cabriolet folding top frame. For Cabriolets T2, B & C.

644-561-710-00 $55.00 Add item to cart
Spacer, Cab top. 2 Req'ed. Fits all Cabriolets CTFS $15.12 Add item to cart
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Turnbuckle, 95mm for SOFT TOP. 2 Req'ed. Fits 356AT2 (from chassis # 150001), B & C Cabriolet.

644-563-081-20 $23.00 Add item to cart
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Ball Pin. Secures4 Req'ed. Fits 356AT2 - Chassis #150001, B & C Cabriolet.

644-025-741-00 $16.00 Add item to cart

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.